JOE HARRIS is the creator and writer of myriad comics and graphic novels such as the hit Image Comics environmental sci-fi series, Great Pacific, and the fan-favorite, monthly paranormal investigations of Agents Mulder and Scully in The X-Files: Season 10 for IDW.

As a young creator at Marvel Comics, Joe launched the cult-classic Spider-Man spinoff, Slingers and the Bishop: The Last X-Man series. He has written for just about all major comics publishers and characters including DC Comics, Dark Horse and others.

Harris conceived, and co-wrote the screenplay for, the hit Sony Pictures horror film, Darkness Falls after his short film, Tooth Fairy was acquired by Revolution Studios and developed into a feature. He went on the co-write the politically-themed slasher movie and Fox release, The Tripper with David Arquette before returning to comics with a focus on creating original, creator-owned titles such as the Hitchcockian portrait of spontaneous human combustion, Spontaneous and the fantasy graphic novel, Wars In Toyland for Oni Press.

His supernatural thriller, Ghost Projekt was also published by Oni. Lauded by Ain’t It Cool News as “one of the finest” miniseries of the year, the tense tale of ghosts, gambits and Cold War secrets is being actively developed for television by NBC.

A native New Yorker, he lives in Manhattan.

Joe Harris

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